Follicular Study

Follicular Study is the study of the ovarian follicles in a female to monitor ovulation. This is done by ultrasonography via the vaginal route (Transvaginal sonography or TVS). TVS can also be used to monitor the thickness of the wall of the uterus (endometrium). Proper thickness endometrium is essential for the embryo to get implanted (attach to the uterine wall).

Follicles are a collection of cells in the ovary. Out of the many cells, usually, one undergoes maturation in every menstrual cycle and is released as an oocyte. The oocyte is also known as the ovum. Disorders of follicular growth and ovulation are one of the important causes of infertility.

To study the ovarian follicles, TVS is used. The monitoring usually begins from day 9 of the menstrual cycle when the size of the follicles is monitored and your doctor will look for rupture of the follicles to release the ovum. The size of a mature follicle is about 18-25mm. Sometimes ovulation-inducing drugs may be given to the patient. Depending on the time of ovulation, timed intercourse is advised to the patient, to increase the chances of conception. The TVS is a painless procedure. The scan should take a few minutes.